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"As farmers continue to face increasing costs, the data from energy audits and implementing energy saving plans can result in substantial, long-term savings."

— William Upchurch, Executive Director, NC Tobacco Trust Fund Commision

Welcome to the Farm Energy Efficiency Project

The North Carolina Farm Energy Efficiency Program (FEEP) is a special project of the North Carolina Farm Bureau in conjunction with the North Carolina Tobacco Trust Fund. Our program was designed to offer low cost farm energy assessments so farmers can know where their money is going. While FEEP no longer has grant funds available, please take the time to explore our site and learn more about this program and the benefits of farm energy assessments.


From energy security and independence to creating jobs and protecting the environment, our state and nation are facing historic energy challenges. Unfortunately, agriculture is not immune to these challenges as agriculture is and will continue to be a major user and distributor of energy. The number of challenges will continue to grow as experts predict the need for food production to double in the next 20 years to meet demand.

That’s why the North Carolina Farm Bureau Federation (NCFB) and North Carolina Tobacco Trust Fund Commission (NCTTFC) are working every day to encourage and support the creation and delivery of clean, renewable, domestically produced energy for agriculture and our nation.

Agriculture and Energy

In 2006, direct energy consumption and indirect energy use through production inputs, such as fertilizer, accounted for 15 percent of total farm cash production expenses. With expenses for fertilizer, fuels and oils, and electricity continuing to increase, energy related expenses climbed to $29.9 billion in 2006, 15 percent of total farm cash expenses and 50 percent above the level in 2003.

Conversely, agriculture has the potential to become an increasingly important source of renewable energy and provide significant economic opportunities for farmers and ranchers. Clean, renewable, domestic energy will help America achieve long-term economic growth, create a cleaner environment and shield the economy from unreliable foreign energy sources. American farmers and ranchers are playing a bigger role in supplying the nation with the energy it needs through the production of agricultural-based, renewable energy resources.

In North Carolina, farmers and ranchers are making large strides in utilizing innovative technology to reduce energy costs while increasing productivity and efficiency.

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